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We strive to provide exceptional full-blood Wagyu cattle and genetics utilizing proven original foundation stock along with exceptional bulls and genetics from Australia.

J Brand Wagyu, located in Welsh, Louisiana, was formed by two brothers wanting to produce the highest quality full-blood Wagyu cattle possible for themselves and their customers. The operation was built on the idea of utilizing the very best Wagyu genetics that could be obtained.

Customers get more than just cattle from J Brand Wagyu – they get top-quality genetics that can improve their herds, they get the knowledge of DNA traits of their purchases, and they receive personal service and follow-up from the owners. J Brand Wagyu is a member of the American Wagyu Association and the Australian Wagyu Association.

If you’re looking to raise a product that will prove profitable then purchasing embryos or animals from J Brand Wagyu will help you get there. All cattle are DNA tested for tenderness scores, fat content, and growth potential. J Brand strives to provide cattle and genetics that rank high in all measurable characteristic categories.

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Genetics at J Brand Wagyu

J Brand Wagyu was built on a desire by two brothers who wanted to focus on the very best genetics within the Wagyu breed. The goal is to produce high-quality 100% Wagyu cattle and genetics. With that focus in mind, semen and embryos were purchased from the foundational Wagyu cattle that came into America in 1975. The pedigrees of the cattle and genetics at J Brand are a “who’s who” of the great sires and dams that helped build the Wagyu breed in the United States.

As J Brand has been built that focus on exceptional genetics has not faltered. Now customers can reap the benefits through private treaty sales or outside auction purchases of embryos or animals. Genetics from J Brand Wagyu will improve your herd, especially if your end goal is to raise a profitable product.

Tenderness, fat content, strong maternal instincts, proven growth performance, docility, and marbling are all highly desired traits at J Brand Wagyu. To ensure the presence of these traits all cattle are DNA tested, with the results being shared with customers before purchase. All J Brand cattle are registered with the American Wagyu Association. All J Brand cattle are bred to test in the top tiers of all measurable characteristic categories. Purchase with confidence based on data and built on a quality foundation.

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